How Does a Vaporizer Work? 2014 Ultimate Guide

If you’re new to the world of electronic cigarettes or vaporizers, you may be curious about how does a vaporizer work, right?

In addition, you may wonder how to personalize your e cig vaporizer so that it delivers a custom look and/or personalized performance.

We are here to provide you with the practical information that you really need and we are going to get you up to speed, so that you fully understand how does a vaporizer work,how to use vaporizer pen and what the e cig mods are.

This is pretty extensive guide, so grab a coffee or anything else you enjoy drinking and let’s get “rolling”…you got it? No rolling required…

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E Cig Vaporizer Facts

A portable vaporizer of this type is also known as an “e-cig” (electronic cigarette).

It produces aerosol (vapor) which looks a lot like tobacco smoke.

This smoking alternative is composed of a heating system (called an atomizer) which converts a fluid known as e-juice into a vapor format.

Most e-juices are created from combinations of;

  • Nicotine
  • Vegetable-based glycerin
  • Propylene glycol
  • Flavor additives

E-juices are available in different nicotine strengths in order to meet the needs of a host of e-cig owners. In addition, some e-juices are available in one hundred percent nicotine-free formulas.

When choosing an e-cig for the first time, it’s important to consider quality!

Luckily for you, we have done most of the leg work for you, we reviewed some of the very best e-juices and flavors. You can find the reviews right here.

When you buy from a respected company, you should be able to access the quality that you need for an affordable price.

In addition, great companies usually provide a great selection of e-juices, although Madvapes has an edge in terms of flavor taste and variety.

If you happen to be into Organic lifestyle, we would recommend you to read more about Virginvapor, which sells premium Organic e liquid.


The basics of the portable vaporizer pen

Now, let’s talk about the components of an e-cig and how all of these parts work together…

In order to more fully understand how to use vaporizer pen components, it is important first to recognize that the portable vaporizer is another name for the more commonly called electronic cigarette.

Portable vaporizer simply simulates smoking a traditional tobacco-filled cigarette, substituting aerosol vapor in place of the smoke produced by burning tobacco.

A small battery powers these vaporizers and they can be recharged when necessary.

The battery allows the heating element, or atomizer, to vaporize a liquid that you input to the tank.

The liquids are known as ‘e-liquids’ or ‘e-juice, and are available in a wide variety of different flavors.

One difference concerning the e-cigarettes or vaporizers is that the vaporizer can use;

  • Herbs
  • Oils
  • Waxes

…as the material of choice.


How does a vaporizer pen work?

How does a vaporizer pen work?

The way that the vaporizer pen works is quite unique.

It really doesn’t matter whether you are using a liquid, wax or herb, as the basics are the same.

The pen is comprised of a small heating element that produces a flavorful vapor when inhaled.

Simple steps;

  • The battery needs to be turned on for the vaporizer to function correctly
  • Then you simply inhale like you would a traditional cigarette
  • The heating element “burns”/heats the materials inside the tank at a temperature that instantly vaporizes it
  • This all produces the tasty vapor

The key to the vaporizer is that it “burns”/heats the compounds hot enough to produce a vapor, but not hot enough to start combustion.

The process eliminates toxins that are usually produced, similarly to when the tobacco in a cigarette is burned.


The types of different vaporizers

If you are a smoker who is new to the concept of portable vaporizer pens, then you are possibly wondering how to use an e cig or how to use vaporizer pen.

Before you simply rush out and grab a portable vaporizer and start enjoying the unique flavors it produces, it is important to understand the three common types of different portable vaporizer pens available.

Each of these e cig vaporizer pens uses different types of materials in the holding tank.

With this in mind, it will help to clarify how to use an ecig if we explore the detail of each of the pens.

Following is a description of the most common vaporizers on the market and how they work;

  • Dry herb vaporizer pen
  • Wax burning vaporizer
  • Juice vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers

2014 Pax Vaporizer

The dry herb vaporizer pen only works with herbs that are dry, (also known as a dry leaf vaporizer or loose leaf vaporizer)

The pen has a unique coil that comes in close contact with the herbs, but does not touch them.

The coil is heated quickly, which causes the herbs to reach a near combustion temperature and then releases all the unique flavors.

The dry herbs are available in a large variety of flavors, and have been growing in popularity as all the ecigs or portable vaporizers.

The battery of the dry herb vaporizer supplies power to the heating element that simply vaporizes the herbs.

The chamber in which the herbs are held is usually metallic, and is connected to a mouthpiece that you breathe into in order to activate the burning process.


Wax burning vaporizers

Wax vaporizer pen

The wax burning vaporizers are slightly different from other types of e cig vaporizers in that you load the wax right into the compartment where the heating oil is located.

The heating element is contained in a bowl-like shaped container that lets you simply place your favorite flavored wax directly inside.

There is no separate container in the wax burning vaporizer, only a combustion chamber that is nothing more than a space within the pen that allows for those heated vapors to cool before you inhale them.

The bigger the combustion chamber, the better quality hit you are going to experience.

The mouth piece in the wax vaporizer is specifically designed to provide you with the most taste when you inhale.

A specific benefit of the wax pen vaporizer is that it supports oil based vaporizers.

This means that if you currently have a juice vaporizer, you can purchase an attachment that will allow you to enjoy it with the wax vaporizer.


e-Juice vaporizers

e juice vaporizer

The juice vaporizer is another ‘how to smoke e cig’ creation that has been at the forefront of the growing popularity of vaporizers.

They are extremely simple to operate, and you can choose from a large variety of different flavored juices to enjoy.

The pen shaped portable vaporizer has a heating element that is surrounded by the holding tank.

The battery of this portable vaporizer screws into place quickly and can be charged by plugging into the USB on your computer.

The way that you load the juice vaporizer is by unscrewing the battery from the holding tank. Once you can see the opening of the tank, you simply pour the juice in along the side of the tank, being careful not to spill liquid into the center ventilation hole.

Once your battery is charged, you simply inhale through the mouth piece.

There is a long wick that soaks in the juice and is ignited from the heating element, creating a flavorful vapor when you need it.


The different parts of the vaporizer

The different parts of the vaporizer

You will receive more direct benefit when learning how to use portable vaporizer pen facilities if you have an idea of the parts that make up each unit.

Following below is a guided tour that explains the essential components of the vaporizer;


The heating element

Included in all types of portable vaporizer pens is the heating element. This heating element is made of ceramic so that it can produce high heat levels in a short period of time.

It has a glass enclosure that does not emit any types of compounds, producing an end result of pure and flavorful inhalable vapors.


Vaporizer battery

The unique heating of the portable vaporizer comes from the battery in the pen, meaning that it does not require any fire to burn the herbs or compounds.

The battery heats the ceramic element in the glass enclosure, and can be recharged several times throughout the day.

There is no need to purchase an external battery supply for the portable vaporizer because you can connect it to your computer’s USB charging cable.


Vaporizer filters

Similar to the filter used in a traditional tobacco cigarette, the vaporizer uses a filter for the very same reason. The filter is designed to catch any loose debris before it reaches the mouth piece.

The filter helps to improve the taste of the vapors and contain all of the particles inside the pen where they belong.

When you use an herb vaporizer, the filters are typically made from steel to filter out any of the dry materials to prevent them reaching your mouth.

With the ceramic heating element, there will also be a filter that is designed to absorb some of the excess heat produced from vaporizing.


Vaporizer Pen spring

The spring is essential for making certain that the dry herbs remain inside the pen. It keeps the herbs tightly packed to prevent them from coming loose, which add to the flavor of the vapor when you inhale.


The mouth piece

When learning how to use portable vaporizer pen parts, the mouth piece needs to be appealing and effective to ensure the experience is comfortable.

The mouth piece allows you to inhale without burning yourself on the intense heat that is created inside the pen.

The mouth piece also doubles as a filter to protect your mouth from receiving any loose particles from within the unit.


Cleaning portable vaporizer pens

Part of learning how to use an e cig is also learning how to clean your portable vaporizer pen.

If you want your e cigarette experience to be long lasting, take heed of the following non-technical advice for the main types of portable vaporizers;


Dry herb vaporizer

This is the easiest of the vaporizers to clean because the compound is dry.

There is no wax or oil residue to clog the unit, so the only thing you need is a small brush to dust the holding tank.

The brush needs to be small so that it can loosen any of the trapped debris inside the unit.

Once you have the majority of the debris free, gently tap the housing over a paper towel and it should fall out quite easily.


Wax burning vaporizer

Cleaning this unit is important to avoid tasting a mixture of old and newly added flavors.

The cleaner the pen, the more powerful and full you will find the flavor with each new inhale.

Once you have used your vaporizer, the remaining residue tends to be sticky and can penetrate the threads surrounding the heating chamber.

An effective way to remove the sticky substance is to dip a Q-tip into some rubbing alcohol until you observe the solution breaking down.

Avoid getting the rubbing alcohol inside the heating element. The Q-tip will easily remove any internal residue.


e-Juice vaporizer

In order to reach the liquid oils inside this portable vaporizer, begin by removing the holding tank from the battery to protect the unit from igniting and from getting water on the battery.

Remove the mouth piece from the holding tank, and run the holding tank under warm water to the point where you would fill it with juice.

The warm water will easily locate and remove any leftover residue from the vaporizer.

Next, we are going to talk about e cig mods, if you are not into mods right now, you can jump to the end of the guide now.


Which E cig Mods Offer the Most Exciting Benefits?

Nowadays, crazy and creative electronic cigarette “mods” (modifications) are everywhere.

Some work better than others and we’re here to show you the modification accessory which provides the most tangible benefits to e-cig owners.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at the most impressive “mods”, which will give you the ability to make your portable vaporizer into a perfect expression of your own personality.

By learning about the best accessories of this type now, you’ll be ready to invest in products which will provide you with a truly superior return on your modest financial investment.


Are E Cigarette Drip Tips Right for You?

Drip tips

E cigarette drip tips come in a host of fun colors and finishes, from bright and transparent orange plastic to faux-marble to faux-tortoiseshell (and beyond).

These plastic devices facilitate the process of direct dripping, which allows e-cig users to bypass utilizing cartridges.

During direct dripping, absorbent cotton is removed from the e-cigarette’s mouthpiece. Then, e-juice is dripped right into the “bridge” of an atomizer.

The drip tip functions as a custom mouth-piece and it may be made from a range of materials, such as plastic or metal.

When you use a drip tip with your electronic cigarette, you’ll be able to add e-juice to your atomizer without removing your drip tip, so it will be a convenient accessory.

The best drip tips look amazing! In other words, they add tons of style to an e-cig, so they do offer the ultimate in e-cig personalization, while also serving an important purpose.

For this reason, they are the ideal blend of form and function and are therefore one of the most sensible and stylish e-cig “mods” around!

So, if utilizing direct dripping sounds good to you, do consider switching to this method, by choosing a drip tip accessory today (or in the near future).

Now, let’s talk about one brand of drip tip that is crafted with sleek and modern aesthetics. It’s known as the Super T Drip Tip and it’s a high-quality e-cig “mod” option that is still very affordable.

Different styles are available – you may expect to pay about fifteen to eighteen US dollars for this type of electronic cigarette modification.


Discover the Super T Drip Tip

Super T Manufacturing is a respected brand name and the company’s unique and innovative Super T Drip Tip designs have a great reputation with real-life customers.

When you shop this brand online, you’ll be primed to choose from a host of great product choices.

Materials to choose from include;

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Anodized metal

…to name just a few.

Shapes also vary, as do prices, so it will be possible to find a drip tip device that suits your current e-cig make and model, as well as your sense of personal style and your budget.

For example, you may choose a snub-nosed design for a cool e-cig look or go for a laser-engraved style if you prefer that sort of rich and dimensional design element.


Are Wide Mouth Drip Tips a Smart Choice?

Wide mouth drip tips are also available and they are designed to make direct dripping as easy as it can possibly be.

Since they have wider mouths, it’s possible to drip in e-juice without making a mess and this is why they are such sensible electronic cigarette choices.

E-liquid will flow well to the atomizer via this accessory, so it also facilitates the process of producing lots of thick, rich vapor, for a truly satisfying “throat hit”.

E-cig users look for great “throat hit” as it makes the process of “smoking” their electronic cigarettes more like enjoying the real thing.

In other words, e-cigs which supply excellent throat hit offer a very good facsimile of actual smoking, without the tar, ash, bad smell and mess.

A lot of different stores such as Madvapes provide their clientele with wide mouth drip tip designs. Shop around online in order to find a style that suits your needs.


Are All E-cig Mods Safe?

It’s probable that some e-cig mods are not safe. In fact, certain larger suppliers of e-cig devices, such as the V2 Company, have spoken out again the dangers of utilizing unsafe mods.

However, when you buy from a respected company, such as Madvapes, you won’t need to worry about such risks.

This is why it’s important to invest in e-cig mods from truly reputable companies with great track records. By doing so, you’ll protect yourself from disadvantages and disappointment.

One strategy is to check out customer reviews for certain mods, such as wide mouth drip tips.

By seeing what other, real-life customers have to say about these electronic cigarette modifications, you’ll be one step closer to finding products which work as they’re supposed to.

You will find that Super T mods get great reviews from most users.


Which E-cig Mods Work with your Style?

Your own personal style should dictate which e-cig modifications are most appropriate for your needs.

If you want something funky that really stands out, consider brightly-colored drip tips that will make your e-cig different from all of the rest.

If you prefer a more elegant look, you may find that a wide-mouthed drip tip in sleek stainless steel adds a touch of low-key shine and shimmer to your electronic cigarette, without being too wild and flashy-looking.

In addition, stylish and practical mods make great gift ideas for the e-cig aficionados in your life. By giving the gift of e cig drip tips, you’ll make a great impression, while also making it easier for your friends and/or family to enjoy the advantages of direct dripping.

While your e-cig mods won’t last forever, no matter which designs you choose, they should be very long-lasting and they should retain their functionality and beauty over the long term.

To see what other e-cig users are doing in order to modify their electronic cigarettes, do consider utilizing social networking platforms, such as the picture-sharing website like Pinterest.

When you do, you’ll discover some wild and wacky e-cig mods, some of which are simply over the top.

While you may not want this in-your-face look for your own e-cig gear, you will probably be inspired by the creativity of other e-cig owners and e-cig mod manufacturers.

Bear in mind that the wildest designs of this type may not be as safe to use as products with proven track records, such as Super T-brand drip tips.


Styles Really Run the Gamut

Examples of wild mod products and related e-cig accessories include;

  • Day of the Dead-inspired e-cig cases and tips
  • Steampunk-themed e-cig stands
  • Crystal-embellished tanks

Styles may be feminine or masculine – many are unisex in terms of offering appeal to both genders.

Prices for these custom designs will probably be much higher than what you will pay at Super T, and the handmade nature of the craziest mods may be no guarantee of long-lasting performance and quality.

In addition, you’ll need to check out these types of manufacturers, who are typically independent, very carefully before doing a deal, as they may not have established reputations on or offline.

So, you may be taking a risk when you choose to order the most “out there” mods for your electronic cigarette.

Always make certain that anything you buy will fit with your existing e-cig device!

E-cigs come in all shapes and sizes, so achieving a perfect fit should always take precedence.

The measurements and dimensions of your e-cig should be listed on your owner’s manual or e-cig box.

Now that you know more about e-cig mods, why not choose the best products for your needs…today?

OK, so that’s all for the mods now, back to portable vaporizers…


Important things to remember about your vaporizer

One thing you must be aware of is that all manufacturers are different when it comes to the unique features of the vaporizers that they produce.

It is extremely important that you familiarize yourself with how to use vaporizer pen requirements before packing it with any substance prior to using it.

Chances are that it will not be charged when you receive it!

Take the time to carefully read the instructions, and then get to know its working parts.


The smoking alternative

Smoking alternative

Best portable vaporizer pens provide an accepted alternative to tobacco smoking, primarily because they contain fewer chemicals than you will encounter with traditional cigarettes.

Best portable vaporizer pens also offer you several alternatives so that you are not limited in the type or flavor that you can experience with them when inhaling.

You should just ensure that you are familiar with the way in which vaporizer pens work prior to using them, and always be sure to purchase from a well-known and reputable supplier.


The Final Words

Well…we hope you didn’t fall asleep, since this was really an extensive and in-depth guide, actually more like 3 in 1 guide to;

  • How does a Vaporizer work
  • How to use Vaporizer pen
  • All about e cig mods

Ready to move on or need another cup of coffee before moving to the reviews? Here you can access our reviews to find the best portable Vaporizer.

We have only reviewed the best on the market, so selecting any of the products listed on our website is not a bad option, it’s mostly based on your personal preference that only you know which one to choose in the end.

If you liked this guide, please share this with your friends and whoever you think is in need of some guidance for vaping, vaporizers and e cig mods.

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